Manuchar is a global trading, logistics and distribution company headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. We operate in 140 locations, have over 1,800 employees and our own local infrastructure in more than 45 countries, mainly in emerging markets.


Manuchar in Nigeria

Manuchar in Nigeria

Manuchar started operations with a local partner in the 90’s. In 2003, Manuchar Trading House International Limited was created in order to strengthen our services in the local market. In line with this objective, Manuchar had warehouses in strategic locations in order  to create distribution channels for its customers across the nation.


Current Operation

Presently, Manuchar Trading House International operates from a strategic location in Ilupeju, Lagos. We provide world class services to all our customers in the Home care, Personal care, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Polymers, Steel , Paints and Coatings industries amongst many others.