Manuchar manages an exhaustive range of products that are benefited by a unique service in the supply chain. We deliver the materials you need under appropriate and competitive conditions. Our experience with the products allows us to reduce delivery times, and, in addition, we are able to provide added value thanks to adequate financing and administration.

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Diethylene Glycol

Colourless, viscous liquid, with a very soft, sweet odour. Used as antifreeze, an important component of brake fluid and lubricants.

Monoethylene Glycol

A transparent liquid, hygroscopic and practically odourless. Used in the production of polyester fibre, PET and polyester resin, and as antifreeze.

Monopropylene Glycol

An organic compound, colourless, almost tasteless and odourless. It is a clear, oily liquid, hygroscopic and miscible with water, acetone and chloroform.